Delight Ministries

Delight is more than just a Bible study! Our community meets weekly to share stories of God at work, but we also incorporate worship nights, opportunities to serve, and fun get togethers that help foster relationships. We fully believe in doing life together, and Delight provides the opportunity for hundreds of women to delight in the Lord together throughout their college journey. The heart of Delight Ministries is providing an environment for women to vulnerably share about how Christ has been at work in their lives. Our curriculum is made up of stories from college women sharing about the ups and downs of their faith journey. These stories are paired with Scripture and discussion questions and are used weekly by all Delight communities. Stories of real women opens the door for authentic conversations and deep-rooted relationships. We truly believe in the power of vulnerability and how it impacts our relationship with Christ and others. It is so easy to walk through college and never encounter true community or a true relationship with Jesus Christ. Delight Ministries desires to change the college experience for women everywhere by helping them to transform their story. We believe that transformation happens when we live fully invested in pursuing Christ, vulnerability, and community. Our stories become no longer about us, but rather about Christ in us.