sga academic senator application


The Student Government Association (SGA) is the elected voice of the student body at Indiana Wesleyan University.

As the oldest student organization on campus, we boast multiple alumni who went on to serve as the President of IWU. Over the last eighty years, SGA has built a rich history of tradition and community with a commitment to serving the students of our university.

We invite you to become a part of our historic team of student leaders. 

what is an Academic Senator?

Academic Senators are a paid position that serves as the elected student leaders of their respective academic areas to the IWU community.

The responsibilities of Academic Senators must include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Facilitating pride and fostering unity within their academic area.

  • Hearing, understanding, and articulating the thoughts, questions, and opinions of their constituents on issues which concern their academic area.

  • Establishing authentic relationships with their constituents.

  • Communicating on a weekly basis with the faculty of their academic area.

  • Collaborating with university entities on traditional academic events during topical weeks like New Student Orientation, Chapel, and Courageous Conversations.

  • Attending all SGA-related meetings and events at which their presence is requested.

    • Academic Senators are granted three unexcused absences for the duration of their term.

  • Participating in all SGA-related meetings and events at which they are present.

  • Hosting one SGA-sponsored event for their academic area per semester under the supervision of the VPAA.

  • Remaining visible and accessible to their constituents.

  • Reporting for SGA training in April and August.

  • Relaying information to their constituents in an accurate and timely manner.

  • Maintaining a Christ-like attitude and lifestyle for the duration of their term.

  • Planning, compiling, and organizing an SGA Handbook for their position.

    • Academic Senators must submit their SGA Handbooks on the last Tuesday of the month during the Fall & Spring Legislative Sessions to be reviewed by the Speaker. 

      • The Speaker may refer unsatisfactory SGA Handbooks to the EVP for further review.

      • If an Academic Senator’s SGA Handbook is referred to the EVP on two occasions within their term, then the Academic Senator in question will meet with the EVP, President, and Administrative Adviser to determine the appropriate course of action.

      • The EVP will then meet with the Speaker and the Academic Senator in question to determine the appropriate course of action.

  • Completing approximately six to ten hours of work per week, unless the President designates otherwise.


SGA is the venue for change on campus. If you have a passion for serving others, then SGA is for you. If you want an opportunity to expand your leadership experience, then fill out the application to declare your candidacy to your classmates today!


Students must meet the following requirements to run for Academic Senator:

  • Must be a student of the IWU-Marion Campus.

  • Must have and maintain a minimum 2.5 GPA.

  • Must pledge to fulfill their term of office.

  • Must meet IWU Student Leadership Standards.

  • Must be majoring or minoring within the academic area which they are representing.

    • One Academic Senator must be elected for each of the following academic areas:

      • Art + Design

      • Behavioral Sciences

      • Business

      • Communication and Theatre

      • Health and Human Performance

      • John Wesley Honors College

      • Mathematics and Computer Information Sciences

      • Modern Language and Literature

      • Music

      • Natural Sciences

      • Nursing

      • Social Sciences

      • Teacher Education

      • Theology and Ministry