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    As you have undoubtedly noticed, our site is currently under construction. All pages are still available, but may be difficult to reach. We will be back up and running soon!

  • IWU SGA Election & Results

    IWU SGA Election & Results

    Vote Here! Wednesday ONLY 8:00AM - 9:00PM EST (CLOSED) ---> VIEW RESULTS

  • Student Government Association

    Student Government Association
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  • Website Work in Progress!

    Hey!! I wanted to make you aware: we signed a web contractor to work to make the back end of our website more user-friendly for us while posting content, in addition to resdesigning your experience as a user! We are excited about this new design and the abilities it will give us to better communicate with you what we are working on in the coming months. Most of the changes will take place over next week, so keep your eyes open. If at any point you find the site down, know that we are just preparing SGA for the future and will be back up as soon as possible!

    Blessings – Tim Scurlock, Student Body President

  • IWU Student Body President Applications

    IWU Student Body President Applications

    For more information, please visit this blog post.

  • VOICE Leadership Banquet

    VOICE Leadership Banquet

    The VOICE Leadership Banquet, an event hosted by SGA, will occur on Jan. 28th, 2014. For more information, use the "Contact Us" link.

  • Election Information

    Well, Wildcats, elections for the 2014-2015 Student Body President, as well as for student/divisional representatives, are upon us. If you're interested in running for a student/divisional representative position or president in this upcoming school year, please read the following information and go here for the appropriate applications and packets.

    All Presidential candidates need to submit a written statement declaring his or her candidacy for SGA President no later than January 31st, 2014. This statement must include:
         (A) Purpose for running for SGA President
         (B) Statement of Christian commitment
         (C) Account of previous leadership experiences at IWU
         (D) His or her current GPA
         (E) Number of completed credit hours

    God bless all those contemplating or already planning on running! For more information, contact Stephanie Miller.

  • Vision: 2013 - 2014

    Creativity & Creation:  We are seeking to foster a community that isn’t driven by change but rather creation.  Initiatives and interest are increasingly being fueled by the desire to create, and since the start of the year we have seen Ad Hoc committees and cabinet members work toward goals related to academics, spiritual life, and student development. 

    Quantitative Approach: Disconnect between representatives and constituencies is an issue that plagues every governing body.  This year, in an effort to combat this trend, we will be launching a comprehensive quantitative study to better understand the parts of campus students are interested in.  In collaboration with on-campus research statisticians, all data accumulated will be shared with the BOT in the Spring of 2014.

    Cultural Engagement: In preparation for life after Indiana Wesleyan, we plan to launch a forum series aimed at addressing issues of importance within contemporary culture. Formatted similar to a Q&A/Debate, these forums will push and allow students to critically engage issues that otherwise are left unexplored.

    Academic Tradition:  Tradition has long been a component of life within MTC Residence Halls.  Some academic majors and divisions, however, have struggled in developing comparable identity and community.  This year, aided by our new structure, we will be working together with faculty to establish tradition, create networking opportunities, and develop community within each of MTC’s undergraduate divisions.

    Collaboration: With the new structural vision of the university being cast, we are passionate about working alongside offices to facilitate meaningful dialogue and collaboration.  This year we hope to play a more active role in such discussions, providing student perspective and support.